At the Dawn of Dr. Frankenfaust

The best of two worlds you might say.
Consensus reality is breaking down…
As we all know the world is ruled by psychopathic Satanists! Black magic and Science are constantly merging in the nether world.
Occult scientist Dr. Kevin Frankenfaust must summon a host of demons to stem the flow and protect both himself and the Universe.

Who is the mysterious stranger that comes to aid him?

Frankenfaust could well be a multimedia satire on the occult and conspiracy theories by Tommy Baker and Brendan Murphy.

This is a performance for adults, please don’t bring your children

Available from March 2019


Age |Adult
Duration | undecided yet
Performed by | Your Man’s Puppets and Brendan Murphy

This show is suitable for a large audience and is mainly performed in theatre settings, but it is adaptable to other.