Random Act’s of Puppetry

Step right up and behold the wonder of “Random Acts of Puppetry!”
Hailing from the picturesque West Coast of Ireland,

Brace yourself for a display that defies time itself.

This isn’t just any show—it’s a fusion of old-world charm and cutting-edge sketches that morph to match the energy of the audience and hold onto your seats because one of the show’s highlights is our exclusive rendition of “The Billy Goats Gruff.” infusing each performance with a delightful dose of Irish humor. Don’t miss the chance to experience puppetry at its most spontaneous and captivating best!

Picture this: a family-friendly extravaganza featuring an array of puppetry marvels. Your Man’s Puppets has been weaving enchantment since 2002, dazzling audiences with a mesmerizing blend of tradition and innovation bursting with diverse puppetry styles.

Suitable for 6 years up
Duration | 48 minutes
Performed by | Thomas Baker/Your Man’s Puppets

This show is suitable for a large audience and is mainly performed in theater settings.