At this time of year we are mainly involved in project work more than performances – as we move into march that is when the shows will start.

Shadow experimentation

This week I’m working on very interesting project which combines live music performance, shadow puppetry and lighting effects. This is an unusual type of shadow puppetry which is performed with the screen made of a unique material which allows stretching and can create shapes through the material lit in a unique way.
Ava Loiacono Husin , an Italian performer and Diane Daly classical musician and myself are working intensely on this performance which will be held on 6 February in Limerick


Story Night

We are involved in a monthly story telling night in the harvest center Gort, this usually happens on the second Tuesday night of each month. the next is the 13th  on the February

I am also involved in Kinvara FM , have a listen: