The Musical Menagerie

The show combines the musical imagination of Boris Hunka, (multi-instrumentalist, improviser and composer) with the skills of renowned puppeteer and actor Thomas Baker. The result is a magical blend of entertainment, education and escapism.

It’s the story of two zoo-keepers reminiscing about their first days in the job and a tall tail tale is told about a gibbon that lost his tail, while meeting exotic animals from far and wide, including Sheridan the Sloth, Imelda the rhino hornbill, Kevin the snake and Gilbert – the gibbon who’s lost his groove.

The magical musical is told with all original songs, which include” I’m a Lean Mean Sleeping Machine”, “What Did the Dodo Do Do” and, “The Rainforest Jive” to name but a few.

The animals combine breath-taking realism with elements of fantasy that have become the trademark of Your Man’s Puppets. This presentation is sure to deliver an imaginative, reliable,professional performance which will tick all the boxes in your entertainment line up, draws a crowd and leaves your audience satisfied and full of memories of a great shared family experience.