About Your Man's Puppets

Thomas Baker is a puppet theatre director, puppet builder and performer. Turning fulltime puppeteer in 1994 he has developed his own particular style, drawing from diverse influences in puppetry from all over the world such as marionette and rod puppets from Sweden and Germany, Bunkraku puppetry from Japan and masks from India.

His constant experimentation with new ideas is pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with puppet theatre. As such, he is helping to develop a uniquely Irish tradition of puppet theatre which can hold its own with the finest competitors on the international stage.

Working as a freelance educator in puppetry skills, he has travelled far and wide, he has produced many puppets for other groups and his skills are much in demand

"Puppetry is one of the few art forms that combines sculpture, drama, painting, music, movement and the excitement of a live production, where anything can happen."

His productions appeal to both young and old and are both humorous and thought-provoking at the same time.

Tommy's work has received major support from the Arts Council of Ireland, Galway County Council, the Galway County Heritage Forum, the Grass Roots Environment Education Network, the People and Nature Project, and the Western Region Zebra Mussel Control Initiative.